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Continuous Improvement at Echo

Echo conducts ongoing audits across all aspects of its operations including compliance to the Australian Standards ISO 9001 Quality Management System and National Standards for Disability Services. The auditing process conducted by Echo is complimented by Department audits, from the Department of Jobs & Small Business and the Department of Social Services. These Departmental audits are conducted quarterly and have resulted in a review of documentary evidence for hundreds of claims.

In addition to the Departmental reviews, audits conducted by Echo in 2018 (as at November 2018) were as follows:

Audit Area: Numbers of audits & locations
ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System 2 (over 7 locations)
National Standards for Disability Services 2 (over 7 locations)
OHS 11 locations audited
ICT / Privacy 12 locations audited
Jobactive program 4 locations (31 files)
DES program 5 locations (43 files)


As a result of these audits Echo continues to comply with the Australian Standards and was awarded re-certification to ISO 9001:2015 and the National Standards for Disability Services in 2018. The AMES Consortium (of which Echo is a partner) also received certification to the Quality Assurance Framework as required by the Department of Jobs & Small Business.

A trend analysis is completed each year by Echo which identifies areas for improvement over the coming 12 month period. Some of the areas identified in 2018 are:

  • Increase client awareness of the complaints process;
  • Clear record keeping of/and goal setting with clients;
  • Clear record keeping of award rate review and ongoing monitoring of these rates;
  • Improve record keeping when exiting clients.

Continuous improvement measures are implemented by Echo in response to findings from all audits, these measures may include improvements such as: document changes, staff training, procedure / process reviews and the creation of new systems (amongst many other improvements).