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Membership is free and will enable you to vote at the Annual General Meeting. It is renewable each financial year between July and mid-November when ECHO Membership application forms are posted out to existing Members, our DES participants, Staff and Committee Members. Alternatively you may apply online. Traditionally ECHO does not have Memberships outside of Victoria, Australia.

ECHO is a not for profit organisation delivering specialist employment services in the South East, East and Inner Metro regions of Melbourne. ECHO’s experienced and professional teams are committed to working with local job seekers, providing support and opportunities through our programs. ECHO is committed to working with employers to provide support, assistance or incentives ensuring that job seekers once placed, maximise their opportunities.

Rules of the Association

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Please note that membership for participants of ECHO services is free. The Rules of an Incorporated Association provide for an entrance fee and annual subscription fee but was waived by the Board of Management at their first meeting in the 2007/2008 year.

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