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ECHO Australia Inc. has a duty of care to it’s customers, including people with disabilities, staff and employers (service users) to ensure their rights are respected, their well-being safeguarded, and that they are not exposed to any form of abuse and neglect whilst participating in our service.

The ECHO Australia Inc. Human Rights & Freedom from Abuse Policy incorporates the following principles:

  • Advocacy – is the process of promoting, supporting and representing the rights and interests of participants.
  • Dignity of Risk – is the belief that each service user has the right to make informed decisions, to experience and learn from life situations
  • Duty of Care – is an obligation to take reasonable care where it is reasonably likely that a service user will experience consequences as a result of what the agency may or may not do.
  • Provide an environment free from abuse and neglect – to ensure freedom from abuse and neglect ECHO Australia Inc. actively monitors services provided to clients and provides a comprehensive feedback/complaints process that is freely available at all sites across ECHO.

If you have any questions regarding Human Rights and Freedom from Abuse, please feel free to talk to our helpful staff at ECHO Australia Inc.