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ECHO provides a specialised recruitment option tailored to the needs of your company.
This is a FREE service that will streamline each step to respond quickly to your recruitment needs.

  • Establish clear job descriptions
  • Effective advertising on a National Database
  • Accessible by thousands of jobseekers
  • Advertising response procedures
  • Telephone inquiries screened
  • Resumé screening
  • Applicants are matched to the job specification
  • Referral of selected candidates to employer for interview
  • Review of applications with employer
  • Interview/appointments confirmed with candidates
  • Monitor progress
  • Notifying applicants of successful or unsuccessful outcomes and arranging start details
  • Reference centre providing one point of contact for advice on:
    • Employment programs
    • Apprenticeships and traineeships

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Employment Liaison Officer Eastern
South Eastern Suburbs
Tel: 9210 2100
Email: jobs@echoaustralia.com


Megan Robinson  Tel:  0456 780 447
Sarah Parkinson   Tel:  0456 784 677
Rachel Nguyen     Tel:  0456 780 770
North Eastern, Eastern and South Eastern Suburbs Melbourne
Email: jobs@echoaustralia.com