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Wage Subsidies
The Wage Subsidy Scheme is designed to encourage employers to provide job opportunities to people with disabilities. Wage subsides can be accessed where employment continues beyond 13 weeks subject to scheme conditions.

Wage Subsidies are funded by the Department of Social Services. Click on this link to find out more about Wage Subsidies.

Workplace Modifications
Funding of up to $5,000 is available for essential workplace modifications or the purchase of special or adaptive equipment that will assist people with disabilities in the workplace. The Workplace Modification Scheme is funded by the Department of Social Services.

Disabled New Apprentice Wage Support (DNAWS)
The Disabled New Apprentice Wage Support (DNAWS) program provides funding for employers and training providers to assist Apprentices and Trainees with disabilities to successfully participate in on-the-job and off-the-job training. Apprentices and Trainees with a disability can access training support such as tutoring, note taking or sign language interpreting. SkillsPlus can assist employers who are considering employing a Trainee or Apprentice with a disability.

Supported Wage System (SWS)
Most Australians who have a disability participate in the workforce at full award rates of pay. However where individuals are unable to obtain and/or maintain employment at full award rates due to their disability, the Supported Wage System can be utilised. The Supported Wage System provides a productivity-based wage assessment to determine pro-rata award wages.

The Supported Wage System has been developed in close consultation with employer, trade union and disability peak bodies, and with specialised employment agencies for people with disabilities.

The assessed percentage of productivity applies to the wage rate only. All conditions of employment are the same as their co-workers.

A payment of $1,000 may be available to assist employers, where an employee with a disability is starting work in a new job. This payment is not available if the employer is already receiving a wage subsidy.

Connections for Quality
Connections for Quality provides information about the services offered by jobactive and Disability Employment Services (DES) providers. Click here to find out more about Connections for Quality