Equity, Compassion,
Hope and Opportunity

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Why join ECHO?

  • We will help you to reach your full potential
  • Everyone has the right to work
  • ECHO will help you get a job, train you and continue to support you so that you can get the skills required for the job
  • We will support you throughout your journey in and out of the workplace
  • If eligible ECHO can assist you with workplace modifications
  • We will make sure that you get paid the right money for your job
  • If you need to gain skills to get a job, ECHO will help you apply for a suitable course

Criteria for joining ECHO

Centrelink states that you must meet the following criteria to be eligible to join ECHO Australia’s Disability Employment Service. (Please note that meeting these criteria does not guarantee you will be accepted – eg: if there are no current vacancies)
You must:

  • Be aged between 15 – 65
  • Have access to transport and with minimal help be able to travel to and from workplaces
  • Be prepared to work more than eight hours per week
  • Need support to obtain and maintain employment
  • Be willing to work and accept suitable job opportunities if they are offered to you
  • Be receiving appropriate support for any condition you may have (eg: doctor, psychiatrist, mental health case manager)
  • Be living in stable accommodation

We also ask that our participants:

  • Be willing to keep in contact on a regular basis with their Employment Consultant (whether by phone, or by attending regular sessions)
  • Be contactable on short notice (for interview and employment vacancy purposes)
  • Be willing to travel a reasonable distance from where they live to find work
  • Be realistic and flexible in the types of work they are willing to consider
  • Be willing to accept guidance and professional advice from their Employment Consultant