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Job Search Tips

Finding a great job is one of the most important things you can do to live a happy, fulfilled life. The articles in the menu to the left will help guide you through the job hunting process and show you how to win the job you really want.

Like most things, job hunting can be done well and it can be done badly. If you are pro-active in your approach, then you are only likely to find the jobs that more active job hunters have rejected. If you put in the time and hard work needed to generate good opportunities, you will be rewarded with a rich choice of the best jobs available.

Job hunting is not as intuitive as it first appears – the most obvious approaches are often the least productive. At certain points we may recommend that you think about the use of commercial services like reports, psychometric tests or career portals – a small investment in these can save you weeks or months of slow, frustrating learning.

Good luck, and good job hunting!

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