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Career Research

Your best career opportunities are likely to be those that need people at your level of education and are in industries or sectors that are expanding. Expanding industries are often exciting to work in, and there will usually be plenty of opportunities for advancement as companies grow.

By contrast, the worst opportunities are often in declining industries – here salaries are likely to be low, conditions may be poor and opportunities are likely to be limited.
Australia’s Careers Online provides a useful range of tools helping people to conduct career research. It is built around the valuable Job seeker’s Workshop self-help tools to make job hunting and career search easier.

The Job Guide is a great facility helping you to research your careers options. It offers detailed descriptions of a wide range of jobs including information on specific tasks and skills, and education and training requirements for each job. It also lists skill shortages by occupation and state.

Also check the internet for International databases – as the economy becomes more global, trends will often be similar.