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Job Hunting Strategies

In tailoring your job search strategy to fit the way recruiters look for staff, there are a number of major approaches that you can use:


Networking is one the main ways that you can uncover jobs that have not yet been advertised – up to a third of jobs are found this way.

Targeting Organisations

Targeting involves researching companies in particular industries and applying for jobs directly, either applying for jobs advertised on the company’s web site or applying speculatively for jobs that may not yet be advertised.

Using Agencies/Search firms

Many jobs with the best firms will never reach agencies and will never be advertised – they will already have been filled by candidates who have targeted the organisations or who have networked their way in. Agencies, however, have established their own networks within industries – this makes them useful for you and for recruiters.

Using the Internet

Using the Internet is the most beguiling of job search strategies – it promises to help you to find a wide range of jobs with minimal effort. Bear in mind, however, that the best jobs may never be advertised on the Internet and that dream jobs are as easy for other people to apply for as they are for you. Even then, there are many excellent resources available on the Internet.