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Hope and Opportunity

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About Us

ECHO Australia Incorporated is committed to the attainment of an inclusive and diverse society responsive to the social and economic needs of the wider community.

ECHO commenced as a specialist employment service in February 1991 (known as Job Support Victoria), in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. ECHO now has eleven offices located in the South East, East and Inner metro Melbourne.


ECHO operates specialist employment services directly assisting job seekers with disabilities and disadvantage.

We offer services to support employers looking to build an inclusive workforce. This includes recruitment, training and strategic planning across a wide range of cohort groups including people with disabilities, culturally diverse, mature age, Indigenous and youth.

Our experienced recruitment specialists, understand your workforce requirements and how important the job match process is when meeting your business needs.

ECHO takes the time to address your needs sourcing, shortlisting and selecting applicants that fit your business profile. Our four week National Work Experience Program of up to 25 hours per week give you the opportunity to assess the skills and fit of the candidates and we also provide supervision and on the job training as well as being able to access employer incentives and wage subsidies for eligible job seekers.