Unlock financial support for your workforce.

We’re dedicated to making your hiring process smooth and rewarding. By partnering with us, you could be eligible to access various financial supports designed to help you build a robust and inclusive workforce.

Wage Subsidies

We offer a range of financial assistance options, including full or partial wage subsidies, to help you cover the costs of employing new staff. You could be eligible for these subsidies based on the specific program, the jobseeker’s circumstances, and your business needs. Here are some of the key programs available:

  • Wage Subsidy Scheme: You could receive up to $1,650 (inclusive of GST) for jobs of at least eight hours per week, over 13 weeks.
  • Wage Start: You might qualify for up to $6,000 (inclusive of GST) for jobs of at least 15 hours per week, over 26 weeks.
  • Restart: Your business could get up to $10,000 (inclusive of GST) for jobs of at least 20 hours per week, over 26 weeks.

Talk to us today to see if your business is eligible for these valuable wage subsidies. Together, we can help you build a strong, inclusive workforce while optimising your hiring costs.

Support for Employing Apprentices with Disabilities

We believe in fostering inclusive workplaces by supporting employers who take on apprentices with disabilities. You could benefit from the Disabled Australian Apprenticeship Wage Support (DAAWS) program, which helps you offer sustainable employment opportunities.

DAAWS provides financial support to employers of eligible Australian Apprentices with disabilities. Your organisation may also qualify if an apprentice becomes disabled during their apprenticeship. This program encourages and supports the employment of apprentices who can thrive in open employment with the right training and support.

Partner with us to create an inclusive environment where apprentices with disabilities can reach their full potential.

Funding for workplace changes

Creating an inclusive workplace often requires making specific changes to accommodate employees with disabilities. When you hire through Echo, we can assist your business to access the Australian Government’s Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) which provides funding to cover the costs of these modifications, ensuring everyone can perform their job effectively.

The EAF can help with a wide range of workplace adjustments, including:

  • Equipment and Modifications: Covering the cost of physical changes to the workplace.
  • Communication Technology: Providing tools to facilitate better communication.
  • Auslan (Australian Sign Language) Interpreting: Ensuring effective communication for employees who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Disability Awareness Training: Educating staff to create a more inclusive environment.
  • Specialist Support: Offering assistance for employees with mental health conditions or learning disorders.

By leveraging the EAF, you can make your workplace more accessible and supportive for all employees. Partner with Echo to learn more about how these funds can help you create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Wages Based on Productivity

We recognise that while many people living with disability can perform jobs at the same capacity as any other employee and receive full rates of pay, some individuals may have barriers that impact their daily productivity. For these cases, it’s important to have fair and sustainable wage options.

The Supported Wage System (SWS) allows you to match an appropriate wage to the productivity of an employee with a disability. For example, if an employee’s productivity is assessed at 70%, they can be hired at 70% of the usual award rate of pay. This ensures that you can offer fair wages while maintaining the sustainability of employing people with disabilities.
All other employment conditions remain the same as those of their co-workers, ensuring equality and fairness in the workplace. The SWS is also available for current employees whose jobs might be at risk due to a reduced capacity to work.

Partner with Echo to learn more about how the Supported Wage System can help you create an inclusive and fair workplace for all employees.

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