We had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Bulleen Heights School Post School Options Expo, and it was a day to remember! Echo were right in the mix, engaging with students eager to explore their future careers.

Our stand was buzzing with activity as we conversed with young adults about their post-school ambitions. It was a day filled with promise and the shared goal of understanding the wealth of opportunities that lay ahead.

Highlights from the Expo included:

  • Thoughtful Engagement: Echo representatives had the joy of connecting with students, providing guidance, and learning about the unique aspirations of each individual we met.
  • Community Connections: The sense of community was tangible. Booths provided a plethora of resources and networking opportunities, creating a supportive environment for students and families alike.
  • Empowerment in Action: Witnessing the students take active steps towards their future was truly inspiring. It underscored the impact of community support and resources in fostering confidence and independence.

The Echo team extends a big thank you to the organisers at Bulleen Heights School and all the attendees who brought such enthusiasm and engagement to the expo. Here’s to the bright futures ahead and to many more events that bring us together to support each other’s growth and success.

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